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  • The Mandaeans (Last Gnostics) and the Christians in the time of Jesus Christ: Enemies from the First Days of the Church (MCJ2013)

    This book is a challenge and contains a series of discoveries, materials, and facts, which are told for the first time. It is essential for understanding Ginza Rba, the Holy Book of the Mandaeans completely. This book shows how from the earliest outset Mandaeans dared to raise objections to the influences of Christianity, and how they remained determined to follow their own path until now.This book proves Gnosticism is older than Christianity.

    Mark J. Lofts writes about this book:
    “This pioneering approach along with the original findings revealed in this book makes it a must for any genuine researcher into the opaque foundational developments of ‘late Judaism’, Gnosticism and early Christianity.”


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  • The Mandaeans and the Jews: 2000 years of Estrangement or What made the Jews hated by the Mandaeans (MJ2005)

    "In spite of historical opposition and overt hostility between Mandaeans and Jews which goes back to almost 2000 years, and in spite of the still existing abomination in particular by the Mandaeans against some practices of the Jews — concerning circumcision and the worship of Adonai (the sun), the ancient Mandaeans had embraced Judaism or at least a large part of its teaching and tradition. This is an astonishing fact. In this book the author tries to explain on the basis of testimonies, evidence and resemblances how the Mandaeans could conceal the truth for a long time and how far they have succeeded in doing that."

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  • A Letter to My Son: A report of two millennia of suffering (LMS2003)

    “…. My parents were not the only ones who could not read or write. There were many people who had lived in the same condition. They did not know about their rights and what they should do in order to gain a lucrative job. They lived in poor circumstances and had no exit for their desperate situation and hope for their future. In few words, they were distressed and very worn out when Saddam Hussein rose into power in Iraq and Islamic revolution took over in Iran. A new era of more violence and terror has broken out!

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  • Mandaean Prayers and Hymns (MPH2002)

    Lidzbarski writes in his introduction to this book:
    “The Mandaeans are the only Gnostic sect that has survived to our time even though it consists of small numbers. It is due to this circumstance that their religious manuscripts remain well preserved and that we know more about them from their own writings than about other sects. Apart from works with educational contents there exists some liturgical collections. In the centre of their cult it stands the baptism in the flowing river and the honour of the occasion when the soul departs from the body in her ascent— their dead mass (requiem). Both liturgies are combined in one work, from which handwritings had already arrived to Europe in early time. This collection is listed in this published book at the first place.    

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  • Ginza Rba (GR2011)

    The Ginza Rba is divided into two parts - the Right Ginza, containing 18 books, and the Left Ginza, containing 3 books. The book, still mainly hand written, traditionally contains the Right Ginza on one side, and, when turned upside-down and back to front, contains the Left Ginza, this latter also called "The Book of the Dead." The Right Ginza part of the Ginza Rba contains sections dealing with theology, creation, ethics, historical, and mythical narratives; its six colophons reveal that it was last redacted in the early Islamic Era.
    The Left Ginza section of Ginza Rba deals with man's soul in the afterlife; its colophon reveals that it was redacted for the last time hundreds of years before the Islamic Era.

    The language used is classical Mandaic, a dialect of Eastern Aramaic written in Mandaic script (Parthian chancellory script), similar to Syriac script. The authorship is unknown, and dating is a matter of debate. Some scholars place it in the 2nd-3rd centuries AD, while others such as S. F. Dunlap place it in the 1st century.

    Important sources for scholars today who cannot read Mandaean Aramaic are still the German translations, notably that by Mark Lidzbarski (1869–1928): "Der Ginza oder das grosse Buch der Mandaer" published by Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, Göttingen, 1925. He translated an edition of the Ginza by Petermann (1860s) which in turn relied upon four different Ginzas; Lidzbarski was also able to include some material from a fifth Ginza, that at Leiden, Holland.

    The first full English translation of the Ginza Rba was made by author Carlos Gelbert, The Great Treasure Living Water Books (2011) Sydney, Australia.

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  • Jesus Whose other Name was Joash: What you should know about Jesus Christ (JNJ2009)

    Jesus Whose Other Name was Joash” is an exceptional book. It deals with the true story of Joash/Jesus, a historical personage and tragic ruler who according to the Hebrew records was the only surviving descendant of King David and Solomon. Fate was kind to him once but never more; for after the narrowly escaped the murderous hand of his grandmother Athaliah who used the death of her son Ahaziah to carry out her bloody crime known as the “Slaughter of the Innocents”, he became the tenth king of the Jews in Jerusalem – at only seven years of age. But forty years later he fell victim to the hostility of his house servants who accused him of killing the prophet Zechariah/John the Baptist….

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  • The Teachings of the Mandaean John the Baptist (MJB2017)

    This edition is unique. The whole old manuscript is here at last! Go back with your thought to the seventh century of our era. Living Water Books is proud to present this super value book for you, as this translation is the first of its kind in English. It is based on the old Aramaic manuscripts of Drasha d-Yahya and includes the complete and comprehensive introduction of Mark Lidzbarski as well as All of his footnotes, explanations and commentaries.

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